Challenges of Modern Air Training and System Solution

15 - 17 October 2024 | Prague, Czech Republic

Any shortage of prepared pilots means incapable Air Force which is not up to the defined tasks. Any efficient training needs proper modern syllabuses, skilled instructors, platforms delivering on training tasks and very importantly airfields and sufficient air space. There are different requirements by different Air Forces but there is a common task – preparing individual, both physically and mentally, to take the responsibilities of future air force life.

Providers of the pilot training must be able to cover specific needs of individual clients and yet to secure effective training and safety. There are challenges in all aspects of the pilot training on the side of Air Forces as well as on the side of providers of the pilot training. Providers need predictability and commitment from clients due to the fact that pilot training is financially demanding activity. There are solutions at hand which can be either immediately used or created by cooperative approach. Overcoming challenges and implementing solutions is focus of the conference.


  • The organisers aim to create a long-term platform for bringing together experts dedicated to the development of air capabilities in general and their application in a continuously changing strategic environment
  • Exchange of experiences of users (representatives of the Air Forces) on the issues of elementary, basic and advanced training, which is primarily carried out in training facilities whose founders and operators are the armed forces or private organizations, or both entities in close cooperation
  • To highlight the problems of recruiting new pilots and outline possible approaches that will increase the attractiveness of the military pilot profession
  • Best practices - to present approaches to make the preparation (training) of pilots prior to conversion to new generation tactical aircraft as short as possible while maintaining the required quality
  • Define what options (lower costs, more flexibility, etc.) private companies offer to the Air Forces in the flight training process


The conference will be divided into three thematic sessions addressing the key challenges for commanders, planners and decision makers in the coming years, influenced in particular by the advent of new technologies:

  • Innovations and new effective methods in pilot and ground crew training
  • UAVs - The new phenomenon of air warfare - training, tactics
  • International cooperation - Key to a greater interoperability