Challenges of Modern Air Training and System Solution

15 - 17 October 2024 | Prague, Czech Republic


The next edition of the Future Air Force Conference will be held in Prague on 15 - 17 October 2024 as part of the FUTURE FORCES FORUM & Exhibition 2024.

Useful information regarding the FAF 24 will be published continuously in this section.


Useful Information - Registration, Arrivals, Accommodation, Dress Code, Catering, Events, Transfers and Departures


Registration of the military delegations with Conference organizers for the Future Air Force Conference and NATO Days, should be completed until 31st July 2023. Registration Form, issued by the Conference organizers should be filled and returned. In addition to that, delegates, requiring Schengen visa support are kindly requested to provide copy of their passport data page. 


Arrivals of the delegations through Prague International Airport and their transfer to the Conference event will be arranged by the Conference organizers. Conference cars with companion will be available for delegations arrivals for whole day of 12th September 2023. Earlier arrival is possible upon request. Same procedure applies for the delegates, arriving by train or bus. Delegates, arriving by cars are kindly requested to advise type and licence plate of such car ahead of time to allow for car parking space booking (Note: Prague Castle area is located in historical city centre and possibilities of public car parking here are very limited. Most of the area is parking restricted).

Departure transfers to Prague International Airport after the Conference on 15th September 2023 can be arranged by the Conference organizers upon request. 


Accommodation of the Conference delegates. All Conference delegates are kindly advised not to make any booking arrangements with the hotels. Conference organizers booked adequate capacity in both official Future Air Force Conference hotel Lindner Prague Castle **** and NATO Days hotel Abácie Wellness Hotel **** in Nový Jičín. This booking is done for initial three nights (from 12th to 15th September 2023) in Lindner Hotel for all Conference delegates. Delegates continuing for NATO Days will have booking for additional two nights (from 15th to 17th September 2023) in Abácie Hotel as well as one additional night (17th to 18th September 2023) in Lindner Hotel Prague castle. Agreed, specially discounted rates for the delegates are EUR 120, breakfast included for Lindner Hotel in Prague and EUR 85, breakfast included for Abácie Hotel in Nový Jičín, respectively. Both hotels accept payments by credit cards or cash in EUR or CZK (Czech Koruna – local currency). 


Lunches during Conference days (13th and 14th September 2023) will be served to Conference delegates in Lindner Hotel main restaurant, immediately after conclusion of morning blocks. Exact times will be advised in final Conference Program.

Coffee Breaks during Conference days will be served to the Conference delegates in the foyer of the main conference hall (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Exact times will be advised in final Conference Program.


Evening Events during Conference days will be organized in nearby locations within City of Prague. First event on 13th September 2023, "Czech Night", will endeavour to accustom foreign delegates with eating, drinking and cultural habits of the hosting country – the Czech Republic, while second event on 14th September 2023 "Military Night" will focus on hosting country military, aviation and industrial traditions and its outlook to the future. Transfer of the delegates (if required) will be organized by the Conference organizers. Times of events, transfers from the hotel and back will be advised in final Conference Program.

Bilateral or multilateral meetings during Conference days are possible, however venue for such meetings has to be arranged by the Conference organizers, upon request. Luxury Lindner Hotel Library and two other meeting rooms next to the Conference main venue will be at delegate's disposal.


All participants are cordially welcome to view the FAF 23 General Partners' table-top presentation in the Hotel Lindner Library located by the main reception.


Dress code during Conference Program for military participants will be strictly Military Uniform or Service Dress, for civilians Business Formal. Dress code for Evening events will be Smart Casual.


Registration for NATO Days should be done together with the Conference registration, i.e. until 31st July 2023. Conference organizers will arrange all necessary bookings, entry permits and transfers. Exact date and time of arrival and departure of the respective delegation should be advised until 1st September 2023.

Transfer of Conference delegates, continuing for NATO Days from Prague to Nový Jičín, will be arranged by Conference organizers on 15th September 2023. Exact time of departure, will be advised in final Conference Program. It is expected to make enroute stop-over in one of the Czech Republic military industrial of training facilities. Lunch arrangement will be made by Conference organizers enroute. Also transfers to and from NATO Days on 16th September will be arranged by the Conference organizers.

NATO Days Evening Event for NATO Days delegates, will be organized on 15th September 2023 in VIP Lounge of Abácie Hotel, shortly after arrival. Exact time of departure, will be advised in final Conference Program.

NATO Days Official Day program will be advised in final Conference program, however the departure from Abácie Hotel on 16th September 2023 will be very early morning, to avoid traffic complications upon arrival to event venue, Ostrava International Airport. Main highlights of NATO Days will include Official opening by the President or the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic in presence of Minister of Defence, Chief of General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces and other service chiefs. NATO Days delegates will have VVIP or VIP Guests status and therefore will be allowed to use all available catering and refreshment facilities. After return to Abácie Hotel, there will be no evening event, organized dinner or other program.

Transfer of NATO Days delegates back to Prague and to Prague or Vienna International Airport, will be arranged by the Conference organizers from 17th September 2023 morning in accordance with their respective departure dates, times and routes.

Departure transfers to Prague International Airport or Vienna International Airport after NATO Days on 17th or 18th September 2023 will be arranged by the Conference organizers upon request.

Dress code during NATO Days will be as follows:

  • NATO Days Official Day (16th September 2023 morning to afternoon) for military participants will be strictly Military Uniform or Service Dress, for civilians Business Formal;
  • Evening Event on 15th September 2023 evening in Abácie hotel Smart Casual;
  • Transfers from Prague to Ostrava on 15th September 2023 Casual and back form Ostrava to Prague or Vienna for departure and 16th September 2023 evening (free program) no dress code.

Practical Information - PDF with general practical information