Challenges of Modern Air Training and System Solution

15 - 17 October 2024 | Prague, Czech Republic


Dress code:

Conference organizers would like to remind all serving military participants, that Future Air Force Conference is a military event and its military participants are expected to wear at dedicated times (during both Conference days, i.e. on 13th and 14th September 2023 and NATO Days official participation day on 16th September 2023) their military uniform or service dress.


Weather in mid-September is usually fair with day temperatures peaking at 18-20 deg. C, however, there can be already some freezing temperatures or fog in the morning. For participants from tropical of sub-tropical climate countries, we recommend to bring warm underwear under uniform or dress and light coat/pilot's leather jacket to civilian dress for outdoor events (typically on 16th September 2023 during NATO Days official day, being mostly outdoor).


Official Conference language will be English. There will be no translation services available. Official language in the Czech Republic is Czech, however, most of the people can speak at least basic English. Services (hotels, restaurants, shops, sightseeing) are usually able to speak fair English.

Electrical Info: 

Please, note, that electrical system of the Czech Republic is of Europe, Continental type (230 Volt/50 Hz). Wall sockets are Type E (French Type) - picture. Participants from countries with different systems are advised to bring required electricity adapters, since hotel has only very limited quantity of adapters available.


Currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (rate of exchange is approximately 1 EUR to 24 Czech Crowns for the moment being). All credit cards like Visa, Master Card or American Express are widely accepted. Some places also accept cash payments in EUR.


Conference venue, Hotel Lindner Prague Castle is located in historic part of the town at the right bank of River Vltava (meaning "Wild Water" in old Celtic language "Wilth Ahwa") in the complex of Strahov Premostratensian Monastery, founded in 1143 with its immense treasury, large ancient library and unique historical monuments. Church of Assumption of Our Lady is the home of the remains of founder of Premostratensian Order Saint Norbert.

Prague Castle, traditional Seat of Czech rulers since the year 905, so for more, than continuous period of 1,100 years and with its dimensions of 570 by 130 meters, belongs to the largest fortified complexes in the World and is certainly the largest one, serving to date as the seat of the Head od State (office of the President occupies part of historical buildings of Southern, Western and Central parts of the Castle). Central part of the Castle is occupied by the Cathedral of Saint Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbertus, largest and most decorative church in the Czech Republic, built gradually from Romanesque round rotunda type in 927 up to present gothic and neo-gothic cathedral with dimensions of 126 by 60 meters and 33 meters height of vault. Castle is located approximately 1 km from the Hotel.

Charles Bridge, built in 1357 (its stone predecessor dates back to 1158) is one of oldest standing bridges in Europe. It has been decorated over the years by 30 statues and sculptures and as such, it is largest outdoor sculpture alley worldwide. Most of the sculptures has been erected by the end of 17th and beginning of 18th Century (between 1683 and 1714). It is located approximately 1.6 km from the Hotel.

Old Town Square is pitoresque historic city market of the left side of River with ancient buildings (some of them from 13th Century), large Church of Our Lady and famous Astronomic clock at the Tower of historic Municipality building, constructed in 1410. Old Town is located some 2 kms from the Hotel.


All delegations are kindly requested to advise their date, time and mode of arrival to Prague to arrange their pick-up or to indicate, they will arrive straight to the Hotel. Main pick-up and transport co-ordinator Petr Markvart can be reached at email address markvart@futureairforce.cz or at number +420 603 466 020 for voice call or WhatsApp message. Delegations not participating at NATO Days, who would like to meet their Air Force or industrial partners in the Czech Republic are advised to arrive one day earlier, since there will be no time for complex meetings during two Conference days, except for evening events.